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Contacts Puls — With Group Message and Email

Expand group function of system contacts. Support group text and email.

- Group your contacts, this will synchronize with your system address book.

- Create,edit or delete group. Add or remove contacts.

- Auto group contacts with same organization.

- Group hint, quickly find contact which new added or ungrouped.

- Support send group text.

- Support personal group text. Send similar message differ with name or phone. For example: Send "Tom! Happy new year!" to Tom and send "Matt! Happy new year!" to Matt.

- Support send again from history.

- Support group email and config To,CC,BCC.

- Support multi-attachments with photos and files.

- Import files from Dropbox.

- Support share many contacts at once. For example, share all contacts of my part to a new colleague.

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Map Measure - Area and Distance Calculator

"How much area on the block?"

"What is the distance from Lincoin Memorial to Washington Monument?"

This app will till your the answer.

"Farm works - Extremely useful app especially in the third world where expert or professional services are scarce." by Yoram Daiye

"GREAT - Wonderful app. Very useful and easy to use. Most of the time I use it to measure distance sailed on San Diego bay." by Perfent

"Great app for an accurate measurement - This app saves a lot of driving around! Good in the hi res areas" by DaveHebner

"Easy to use - This app is just what I needed. I had previously used distance calculator app, but that was hard to add points. This map measure app is so easy to use. Just tap and add pin points. Also, much easier to change units of measure in this app than others." by JumpmanSr


- Support measure distance and area

- Support line, polygon and circle shape

- Support multi shape at same time

- Location from a photo your taken

- Clean UI


- Use button + to add a shape

- Long press at map to add a pin

- Drag the pin to adjust it's coordinate

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